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We often hear about astronauts, Who’ve gone into or returned from orbit. Each such flight is a test of strength. A huge risk defying the laws of physic. But humans aren’t the first living beings to have been in space. The real pioneers were animals. today we will tell you the sad truth behind ANIMALS SENT TO SPACE BY NASA. Different creatures from mice to monkeys opened the door to the stars for humanity.

But what happened to them? scientists don’t like to talk about it and it’s not for no reason. In this article, you’ll learn SAD TRUTH BEHIND ANIMALS SENT TO SPACE BY NASA. You’ll find out what information is usually suppressed and the reason for this secrecy. You’ll find out what actually led to successfully sending a person into space and what the true price of progress is. The progress that’s measured in the lives of animals.

why they sent Animals To Space ?

Before sending people into space we needed to find out its effect on living beings. But we couldn’t risk people’s lives right away. So animals came to the rescue they’ve been used in aeronautical research since the late 18th century. Back then a ram a duck and a rooster were sent up in a balloon. Every single one of the participants in these experiments survived. In general, that’s nothing surprising but let’s move beyond the era. Before the airplane, we’re interested in space.

Fruite flys

The first animals sent to space by NASA were common fruit flies. They traveled aboard an American v2 rocket and returned to earth alive.

To the vast majority, fruit flies are simply bothering that drift around over-ready bananas and other neglected natural products. Be that as it may, to researchers, natural product flies are a significant model living being, and understanding what goes on inside these small bugs can uncover huge things about the fundamentals of science. NASA is considering organic product flies in space to help address the impacts of long-term space missions on a space explorer’s body and the manner in which the body reacts to new and distressing conditions.

why choose fruit fly ?

fruit fly frameworks are less difficult than well-evolved creatures’, however, there are significant underlying, useful and hereditary parts that are comparative between the two. Around 75% of human sickness qualities have comparable qualities in the fruit fly, so considering them can assist us with understanding human science, as well. Examinations occurring in the diminished gravity of the International Space Station have effectively expanded comprehension of the human insusceptible framework and heart work, for instance.

fruit flies are appropriate for space science research in light of the fact that keeping a huge populace requires not many assets and little gear. Additionally, their short life cycle permits researchers to examine a few ages in a solitary month. To help address the issue for fruit fly examination directed in the extraordinary states of room, the Space Biosciences Division at NASA’s Ames Research Center, in California’s Silicon Valley, built up the equipment and conventions essential for researchers to send their natural product fly investigations to the space station. All the Animals sent to space are down below.

The overload didn’t hurt such tiny creatures and then two years later a monkey was sent to space. It was necessary to study the effect of microgravity on the vertebrate organism. And what could be closer to a human than a monkey?

Albert and Albert ii monkey

Albert in space

The subject was a rhesus macaque named Albert ii. Albert the first was also sent up and could have become the first ape in space. But its rocket didn’t go high enough. At the same time, almost all of the documentation related to the flight is missing perhaps for a reason.

Albert ii’s flight ended tragically the parachute failed, The macaque crashed upon landing and this animal wasn’t the only victim.

At the time scientists tried sending apes into space quite often. They were implanted with different sensors. The animals were given a sedative before launch. The mortality rate among monkeys at this stage was very high. About two-thirds of them died on missions or shortly after landing. now imagine these numbers for launches involving people.


In all the Animals sent to space, there is a mouse also. The first mouse in space also turned out to be a sacrifice. The v2 rocket it was flying in crashed. Other space mice were also unlucky. Few of them could have expected to live long and happy lives. But this was only the beginning.

Segan and Diezek

On the 22nd of July 1951, the soviet union launched a rocket to an altitude of 101 kilometers or 62 miles with dogs named Segan and Diezek on board. These were the first superior animals to survive such a flight. Information about these dogs was kept in the strictest secrecy for 40 years. Only then did it become clear that desert only lived one week after he returned to earth. He died on his next mission. Sigon was more fortunate he was alive another 10 years. But there was a trip to orbit ahead and this one was fatal.

Laika became the first animal to enter the orbit of our planet

  Laika became the first animal to enter the orbit of our planet

An ordinary stray dog named Laika became the first animal to enter the orbit of our planet. At first, she spent a long time in the onboard mockup. And before the flight, she also underwent an operation to implant breath and pulse sensors. But scientists already knew that Leica wouldn’t return to earth. In orbit, about seven hours after launch she died. This was due to overheating and tremendous stress.

It’s simply impossible to imagine. How does it feel for all the Animals sent to space and to be in orbit? When it’s completely alone and stuck by lifeless dangerous space. Some believe that the lack of a thermal regulation system is to blame for Leica’s death. According to another version she died as a result of an interruption in her oxygen supply. There are many possibilities. Some more terrible than others. With the dog’s body, onboard the satellite made more than 2 000 orbits around the planet before burning up in the atmosphere.

People were told about Leica as if she was still alive? The truth shows to people much later after Leica’s flight. Scientists attempted sending other dogs monkeys rabbits frogs and mice into space. Not all managed to even leave the ground. The rockets often exploded during launch but this didn’t stop scientists’ efforts.Also check this

Belka and strelka has been in space

Belka and strelka return alive amoung all the animals sent to space.

After Leica’s tragic flight they decided to send other dogs into orbit. They needed to be two lightly color and pretty females. The former to make them more visible on the monitors. The latter so the dogs would look good in photos. To do this the mutt dogs Belka and strelk are the best. After heavy training, they spent about 25 hours in orbit. And they were able to return alive. This made Belka and strelka stars of space exploration. Sometime later after landing, strelka gave birth to six healthy puppies. Both dogs lived in an aviary at the institute until the end of their days. They never went into space again.

But why dogs?

Why do these animals play such an important role in space exploration? They’re easily trainable and have good health. And can easily survive even in terrible conditions.

Hamm the first monkey sent to space

in monkeys hamm is the first Animals sent to space
ham the first monkey

There have been some famous apes as well. Ham became the first chimpanzee astronaut. He helps scientists prove that simple tasks can be performe in space. Hamm’s was lucky. He survived after his flight. He lived in various zoos for 17 years. There’s a grave in the museum of space history in memory of him.

 yuri Gagarin the first man in space
yuri Gagarin

Finally, it was time to take a chance. On April 12 1961 yuri Gagarin became the first human to go into space. It looks like that experimenting on animals was finish.

 macaque bonnie is also among all the animals sent to space
macaque bonnie

But in 1969 the macaque bonnie sent to space and he needs to spend a month in orbit. But his health drastically deteriorated and he returned to earth. A day after landing bonnie died. Despite this, his flight helped people better understand the impact of space on the body. Many animals have been in space. Only about 30 monkeys have sent. The exact number of all the Animals sent to space by USSR is probably impossible to count. But there were still other creatures.


cats and Felicette is the first Animals sent to space

Cat Felicette became the first cat to visit outer space. To monitor the condition during the flight electrodes were implanted in Felicitte’s brain.

The Astro cat was able to enter zero gravity and make it back alive. After the flight scientists studied felicet for several months. And then unfortunately she died.

And here’s an interesting fact all of the cats involved in that space program had no names. Scientists do not want to miss the animals. But after her successful flight fella set received her name.

thousands of Animals sent to space

Turtles have also conquered space. They were one of the first earth creatures to fly around the moon. Bion 7 had 10 newts on. They’d had part of their front limbs amputated. This is how scientists studied regeneration rates in space.

In 1990 china launched guinea pigs into space. In the future, it will become less likely that people resort to using mammals. These days they’re using insects amphibians and other such creatures. Most of which have returned to earth alive. Over time-space travel is becoming safer for all of us. Throughout the history of space exploration, people have used animals but despite the losses, these animals have taught scientists a lot. These furry astronauts gave their lives in the name of technological progress. And they opened the way to the stars for us. Do you have any pity on all the animals sent to space and even mostly are die ?


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