how to rank Fiverr gig to the first page

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It’s a little hard to rank Fiverr gig to the first page but it’s not impossible. if your reading and searching for this post so it’s clearly mean you know much about Fiverr.

Fiverr is a traditional business platform where you will post a gig and the clients will read it and if they like so you will have an order from them.

For getting more orders from clients you will need to push/rank your gig to the top page.

the more your gig stay on top the more order you will get and can generate more income.

lets come to the point how to rank fiverr go to the first page

Rank Fiverr Gig to The First Page

Fiverr changing the algorithm again and again so some old hacks not working now to rank you gig to the top of first page.

Gig Title

The most important factor for ranking is to choose an effective title and keyword for your gig. because the keyword is the only thing that clients type in the search bar when they are looking for nothing thing.

Search for an eye-catching title that can help to attract the clients

Gig Keyword

keyword is the basic need of a title, if you don’t search for a strong keyword so your title will useless and your gig will never ever ranked to the top pages.

Before you want to create a gig so first of all you will need to do a deep search about keywords according to your Niche. a nice way to search about strong keyword is down below.

Go to Fiverr and type a keyword in the search bar, suppose your Niche is logo designing .so simply type LOGO in the search bar. you will see a related keyword that is mostly searched on Fiverr. you can choose the best one.

Gig Tags

For a strong gig, you will need to add related tags for your gigs. tags help your gigs to appear in the search bar when clients search for a keyword.

Try to understand that tages help like multi keywords eg modern logo, professional logo minimalist logo, its work as you have many strong ways that people can find you.

the best way to find perfect tags for your gig is to open 5 to 10 people gigs that are on the first pages and copy the tags that are same in all the gigs you open and add it to your gig.

Gig Description

Most people just copy someone’s description and past it. you can get banned from Fiverr if you catch up doing this kind of act. if you cant write your own Description so how you will work for clients? also, people will never trust you if you copy paste someone’s work.

try to add your own description and if your not good at writing so open 5 to 10 gigs and take important lines and make some little changes in it.


  • Start your Description from an eye-catching line.
  • Add the gig title on Description but in a nice way.
  • Add gig tags again and again in your Description.
  • Catch your client’s attention and trust.
  • For SEO purposes you will need to repeat the gig keyword at least 5% in your Description.

Gig photo

If your a good designer so make your unique gig pics to represent your gig on search bar to attract and force people to open your gig.

keep in mind the gig photo dimension is 550X370

you can easily create and design gig photo in Canva .

fiverr recommend the following things on your gig photo

  • your gig photo should be unique and eye-catching.
  • your gig photo should originally belong to you.
  • do not copy from google.
  • your gig should show price
  • should show revisions.
  • should show delivery time.
  • and your name and photo.

but if you make video for your gig so will more helpful to your gig.

Bonus Point

if you want to rank faster on fiverr so buy 4 or 5 orders from your friend or relative .tell them give me good feedback and ratting .

your gig will 100% rank to the top and people will start trusting on you when they see the rating and feedback on your gig.


In short words to rank your gig is to find a unique title as well as keyword.

find strong tags and repeat that keyword and tags on your description, make sure you write your own Description and do not copy someone other work.

make an eye-catching photo for your gig and if you create a video so it will a bonus for you.
buy some fake orders and take good feedback from your friends or relatives.

if you find this article good so share it with your friends and tell me in the comments if it’s helpful for you.
thanks 🙂

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