how ants know about rain before its rains?

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Do you know HOW ANTS KNOW ABOUT RAIN before it rains? Today we will tell you some such facts about cochlear implants.

In verses 17 and 18 of Niml, the Surah concerning ants, it is said that Allah :

“And Solomon came out with all his host, in which the men, and all the jinn, began to be worshiped. Even from the passing valley of Namal, which was the valley of the ants. An ant said to another ant, O ants. Get into your homes, Solomon and his troops Don’t grind you, Solomon smiled when he heard the ant and turned the army. ’The ants spoke to Hazrat Suleiman, and Allah Almighty also gave Suleiman the ability to understand what he said.”

What the Qur’an said fourteen hundred years ago, after conducting various experiments today’s modern science has come to the conclusion that the ants are living in a Great economic system. And Talk to such a difficult system that the intellect is stunned.

Science says ants do not speak soundly but transmit data. Their method is to remove material from their mouth and stick it on the mouth of the ant in front. The other ant decodes the whole message from it to Understands.

So you may have often noticed that the ants stop moving and touch other ant’s mouth. This is the process in which they transmit data.


modern research about ants hOW ANTS KNOW ABOUT RAIN

modern research has shown that ants not only talk to each other but also live under a powerful system. You may have noticed that before the rain, the ants start circling outside their house and make mud mountains so that the rainwater does not come into their house. So this is how ants know about rain

 ants start circling outside their house

They estimate the rain ahead of time because they are natural Censorship is present in what is called hydrophilic. When the moisture content in the air is high, this sensor in the ants feels it and conveys a message about rain to the brains of the ants. So the ants take their food and drink and stay before the rain.

The meteorological department also notes the moisture content of the wind while repeating the same process and then explains what the probability of rain is. Many individuals accept that when you see subterranean insects running, it’s an indication that it will rain. In any case, is that truly evident?

Wayne Robinson research ?

Wayne Robinson is an instructor in Environmental Science and he’s finishing a Ph.D. on ants conduct at Charles Sturt University in Albury. Specifically, Wayne is considering presented species on Fraser Island, as the Big Headed Ant from Africa.

“I’ve been taking a gander at how those insects are connecting with local insects and whether they’re a danger to biodiversity,” he clarifies. Furthermore, notwithstanding the relentless bits of hearsay, Wayne says there’s no proof to show that how ants know about rain

no logic proof

“There is no logical proof of any connection among insects and downpour but to say that we realize that ants act in specific manners after a downpour.”However, in the event that you want to refute him, Wayne couldn’t imagine anything better than to see your proof!

History is a witness that those who meditated on the Qur’an did not sit under trees and only state the size of the earth. Rather It also explains how humans can fly like birds. Therefore, the first inventors of the ship are Muslims. If we consider the Qur’an, we can invent such inventions that the human race is amazing.

Allah Almighty has said in the Qur’an that there are many signs for the wise in the universe

There is no logical writing regarding the matter. While it’s potential subterranean insects can recognize barometric pressing factor better compared to we can, the lone proof of this is stories and metropolitan legends that never accompany an ID of the species. All in all, not all that much or usable.

Try not to surrender! Subterranean insects are as yet amazing, on the grounds that regardless of whether they can’t foresee the downpour, they react to it rapidly. An overwhelmed insect home would mean the suffocating of the settlement, so once the downpour begins to fall insects rush to react. In under a moment. The whole province will be prepared. A few subterranean insects have uncommonly assembled home chambers that stay dry and oxygenated while the remainder of the home loads up with water. Others clear.

Fire subterranean insects in the Southwest USA have an extraordinary reaction: the whole home clears, including the sovereign. Laborers even convey eggs and hatchlings and pupae in their mouths. They at that point structure a living pontoon, with the sovereign in the middle and the waterproof pupae and [expendable] more seasoned specialists on the base. They skim around until they find a plant, or dry shores, or until the waters subside. At that point, they make another province. Discussion about catastrophe readiness!

Topic i found on QUORA about how ants know about rain.

“I suspect that ants know about rain the same way as I do. A few days before a change with good much rainfall my arthritic knee becomes quite painful. Now imagine those thousands of worker ants we see running along rough ground often carrying a heavy load and being bumped by other ants and such. Each has about six knees subject to damage resulting in arthritis as happened to me. So with a change approaching, there will be hundreds of them complaining and not going to work. When the queen sees that she immediately … for all the fit workers to start the job of carrying the food, eggs, etc out and up the nearest stump or post to avoid the coming flood. Q.E.D.” said by Chris Patrick Madden


However, we can’t deny that all the living things in the world can talk with each other in different ways. Some of them have a special kind of superpowers also. Hence some people believe that ants can predict Rain and some people not. Many science experiments show how ants know about rain and some deny it. So what do you think about ants ?

If you know any thing about how ants know about rain before its rains so let us know in the comment.


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how ants know about rain before its rains?

Do you know HOW ANTS KNOW ABOUT RAIN before it rains? Today we will tell you some such facts about...

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