why my Fiverr Gig Got DeRanked For No Reason (2021)

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from last few months i read thousand of user request in fiverr forum about deranking problem. everybody says WHY MY FIVERR GIG GOT DERANKED FOR NO REASON.

Here i will give you few reasons why the fiverr gigs drops from top pages to last pages.


Starting from 2020 last months if you remember seller lost the gig impressions and clicks etc from the Fiverr dashboard gig section for almost two months. no one can see his/her gig performance. that time Fiverr was busy to fix the issue and also change the algorithm. that is one of the main reason FIVERR GIG GOT DERANKED FOR NO REASON.

There is nothing you can do but continue to deliver quality work. The gigs rotate due to an algorithm and no one here could tell you how it works. I was on the 5th page, then made it to the 1st page, now I’m on the 3rd. As long as my gig is visible to the public, I’m confident I will continue to receive orders.

Answers from Fiverr Forum professionals.

i research about Fiverr gig deranking problem . and i got many useful answer from fiverr forum professional people.

“You can’t be the king of all and stay on the first pages forever. If there was that some sort of system, only the most reviewed Sellers would stay here while all the new sellers wouldn’t even be noticed. The site would be ruined by that and that’s why Fiverr created random positions and it has a variety and mix of small and big Sellers. You can test out yourself.”

Every single time you refresh the site, all gig positions changes their locations randomly.”

The answer of the Fiverr forum moderator

” I did a live stream last week covering this very subject.

Basically Fiverr is correct.

Results are dynamic, there is no page #1, just relevance.

So FIVERR GIG GOT DERANKED FOR NO REASON due to a rotation cycle. It happens. You can choose to either edit your gig’s SEO, or tweak your offering as a whole, or do nothing and wait for a new cycle to pick yours back up again.”

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how to fix the Fiverr gig deranking problem?

Hi there,
I contacted the support regarding the gig ranking issue where all the good sellers with good ratings are pushed back to last page without any reason. The support agent answered to that question clearly so now we shouldnt be arguing over it.
My question to CS:
So you are saying that gigs on first pages are being pushed back to give new sellers a chance to come up? Am i correct?

I posted the part of my question of my inquiry, as rest had my other questions. To this the support responded:

As for Gigs in search, you understand me correctly.
There is a lot of Gigs and there must be a chance for everyone.
Just be sure to promote yourself the best you can use social media and other platforms.

This is part of the response, other part was related to my other question but now we got the answer. I hope everyone are relaxed now and shouldnt be talking about this now.


Follow These Strategies.

  1. Try to add an attractive video on your Gig. It will boost your rank 40% more.
  2. Keep Sending Buyer Requests.
  3. Change all your Tags Weekly. This may help you out.
  4. Add some Gig Extras. And try to Fill your Profile with Everything.
  5. keep sharing your gigs on social media.

You will definitely get back your ranking.

note the fiverr CS help center wont help you in this problem.


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why my Fiverr Gig Got DeRanked For No Reason (2021)


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